Fair and Balanced Regulations

Ensuring private property rights

FLA believes that human society cannot reap the numerous benefits of forests without secure private property rights.

FLA is an ardent supporter of private property rights. FLA believes that local, state, federal and non-governmental organizations are increasingly imposing restrictions and regulations that threaten the sustainability of Private Forests. Efforts to restrict or encumber private forest lands without fair compensation is opposed by the FLA.

We believe landowners should be compensated for land use restrictions, partial takings, as well as full takings, as provided for in the 5th Amendment of the Constitution. FLA believes excessive and misplaced regulation can jeopardize the sustainability of private forests. FLA supports existing programs such as voluntary Best Management Practices and opposes all regulations whose benefit is not supported by sound science.

FLA advocates for an open, transparent and fair process on all proposed regulation. Primary stakeholders should be included in the regulatory process and a cost benefit analysis should be included on all proposed regulations.

FLA is working with forest landowners in identifying roadblock regulations that unnecessarily increases costs and hamper your ability to manage forests. Encouraging meaningful regulatory reform legislation, FLA is also working with lawmakers and federal agencies on much-needed improvements to the rule-making process by advocating regulatory reform measures that include: greater transparency, the use of sound science, greater sensitivity to costs and benefits, and accountability for agencies’ use of economic and scientific data.

The Endangered Species Act

FLA believes the conservation of species and ecosystems is important to society, and forest landowners take immense pride in being good stewards of their land and forest resources.