Tax issues can enhance or harm America's working forests, adding incentives of our Caretakers and the long-term sustainability of the forests, or putting up impediments to the protections of those forests. In this section, we will highlight policy initiatives that both help and threaten our forests, and let you know which policies need our support, and which need to be reviewed and revised to ensure they serve the goal of maintaining the health of our working forests. 

Death Tax Kills Family Forests

For the first time in a decade, the House is set this week to vote on a bipartisan bill to repeal the Federal estate tax. This has been a priority legislative issue for Forest America’s Caretakers...

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The State Death Tax

Though the federal estate tax exemption rose to $5.34 million in 2014, a number of states retain much lower thresholds that can hit forest landowner estates hard. Don’t fail to account for state...

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Tax Reform Threatens to Eliminates Key Timber Tax Provisions

Family forest owners and stakeholders OPPOSE timber proposals included potential tax reform legislation.

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