Environmental stewardship is the most important responsibility of forest landowners. Ensuring that our working forests are healthy and sustainable for future generations is a moral imperative. We must support environmental regulations that are effective, reasonable without unintended consequences. 

Memo warns of 'fatal' flaws in WOTUS rule

WASHINGTON, July 30, 2015 - Internal documents released by a House committee show the Army Corps of Engineers questioning the legal and technical basis for the Obama administration's Clean Water...

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Inhofe asks Corps to confirm lack of support for WOTUS rule

July 29, 2015—On July 27, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, sent a letter to Jo-Ellen Darcy, assistant secretary of the Army for Civil Works...

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EPA’s Critics on Bioenergy Aren’t Seeing the Forest For the Trees

The Washington Post last week published an editorial questioning the EPA’s direction on new rules that would provide credits for alternative energy sources, including bioenergy and the use of wood...

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International Day of the Forests 2015 — An Invitation for Real Sustainable Policies

March 21 is International Day of the Forests, established by the United Nations in 2012. The day celebrates and raises awareness with events around the world to recognize how important the planet’...

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Good News About Wood

It may seem obvious, especially coming from people who are the caretakers of America’s private forests, but wood is good—good for the environment, as a component in new houses and as a...

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EPA's Policy Direction on Biomass Carbon Emissions is a Step in the Right Direction but Uncertainty Remains

The EPA has taken a step in the right direction, but it is not a win for forestry yet.  The new draft accounting framework and guidance memo released shows EPA recognizes the overall...

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CWA Proposed Rule Expands Federal Jurisdiction Over Streams and Wetlands

The proposed rule would redefine the scope of federal power giving the Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction over almost all physical areas with a connection to downstream navigable waters...

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